Norman has been appearing regularly on the latest series of the BBC’s popular tea time show Money for Nothing renovating and transforming furniture destined for landfill and creating some bespoke and funky pieces

The premise of the show is to find items at the local tip that can be reinvented by a selection of designers and master craftsmen. Once repurposed, Sarah Moore (Presenter) sells the items and revisits the original owners with the profits made from the sale much to their delight!

We’ve been given some real challenges by the programme, sometimes stretching our innovative skills to the maximum however all the finished pieces have looked fantastic and been well received

Norman has been a real hit on the show and has become a bit of a local celebrity. He’s always up for a challenge so you have something you need reinventing or a customised project you would like him to take on please get in touch!

Brickwork table

The first project Norman was involved in using old floorboards Sarah had collected from the tip were imaginatively reworked into this beautiful brickwork dining table and is something that can be made to order from our workshop in Hellingly.

3 Drawer Server

This time Norman was given 3 drawers to work with from the Money for Nothing team, and this stylish 3 drawer server was the end results. We liked it so much we have made it part of our standard range of products.

Food Cupboard

Once a tired old wardrobe this food cupboard was given a new lease of life when Norman got his hands on it and made it a useful addition to any family kitchen space

Jays Desk

Norman revamped this desk giving it a contemporary twist with painted yellow legs knowing how much Jay likes to add a splash of colour!

Chair Bench

No clues in the title on this one!!! Who would have thought such a simple idea could be so effective…4 chairs joined together to create this one off decorative bench. Sarah loved this transformation and is something we could do for you if you have some sentimental pieces, a bit past their best that need a make over.

Champagne Trolley

Originally an old 50’s Zed bed, this was one of the biggest design challenges Norman encountered last series. After a lot of head scratching he decided to use the old frame to create the base of a truly unique drinks trolley he even managed to incorporate the old bed springs as a decorative feature.

Toyah’s Chairs

Our first appearance on the celebrity series of Money for Nothing and we are already on the case with a set of dining chairs that had seen better days from 80’s pop sensation Toyah. ‘It’s a mystery’ (Tee hee) how we got them looking so good!

Cartwheel Table

Next in line for a makeover was a battered old cartwheel shimmied over to us by Louis Spence and Sarah. We’re absolutely delighted with this reinvention into a ‘fantastic’ glass topped table which sold in double quick time with the profits going to Louis chosen charity.

Mobile Kitchen Unit

Iwan Thomas provided Norm his most challenging renovation to date with an old BBQ workstation. He and Sarah couldn’t believe the transformation into this stunning, rustic, indoor/outdoor mobile kitchen unit with a manhole cover cleverly repurposed into a hotplate inset into the worktop. The unit was swiftly purchased by a pub in Surrey with a tidy profit made of £200 for Iwan’s chosen charity.

Just Jones Interiors Charity Workshop Day

What a fantastic day had by all on Saturday 11 November 2017 when we opened our doors and welcomed all our lovely Money for Nothing fans for our charity workshop day! Norm was kept busy in the workshop with plenty of helpers crafting a brickwork table, which will be on sale soon (all proceeds going to our 3 wonderful causes).

Brickwork Table Auction

The brickwork table top hand crafted by Norm and those who attended the Just Jones interiors charity open day, is now available to buy. All proceeds from the sale will go to our 3 charities: BBC Children in Need, The Brain Tumour Charity and Medical Detection dogs. Offers over £750.

Contact us about this table

Norm’s Growing Fan Club

Bill and Liz came all the way from Edinburgh to visit the workshop and meet Norm last week! Keen upcyclers themselves they absolutely love Money for Nothing and all the designers innovative transformations.

Reclining Chairs

Sarah brought Norm some pretty worn out chairs for his first appearance in the new series. We think he did a pretty good job and they looked very smart once they were stripped.  With the help of some added leg rests and nice new upholstery to finish them off these chairs were a hit with Sarah when she came to collect them.

Introducing EJ, Money for Nothing’s Newest Presenter

Norm and EJ hit it off straight away when Norm transformed some old metal shelves into fantastic side tables!

The Latest Series is currently showing weekdays 3.45 on BBC 1, look out for Norm!

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